Just a quick intro post and I’ll be off. Hi everyone, I’m Kim. If you’re here you probably already know me so I’ll be quick. I’ve been trying to start this blog thing off for a while and had to remake it a couple of times because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So yes, I have gone by Barracuda in some places, as well as Art by Nite, and really briefly right before this Flowers and Phantoms. If only I could accrue all the usernames I really really would. I love them. If you want to find me on another platform, check out the links at the bottom of my About page.

The first bunch of posts on here is just going to be a collection of old things from other places. This is for my sanity and archival purposes, and so I can buy more time with the new content. In any case, welcome and please enjoy!


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