Throwback Thursday and the Truth about How I Learned to Art

I’m going to tell you all a secret, something very very important that I sometimes find hard to explain… I’m not ashamed, no, not even a little. I might be crazy, and you might not understand, but I can’t deny my love.

My love… for Supernatural.

But seriously, I would never be at the artistic level I am now without my years of devotion to the Supernatural fanbase. Say what you will, but say it to yourself on the other side of your screen where I don’t have to hear it. To prove my point, I sorted through years of an old blog of mine to collect the Supernatural fanart I’ve made. It’s been a long time since I switched my focus to other things, but I still feel like this artistic period (think Picasso’s “Blue Period”) was one of my most fruitful and rewarding. And I made the most amazing friends beyond that black rainbow (plug: creepy awesome movie that must be the LSD baby of THX1138, Daft Punk, and Altered States). So, full disclosure, here’s my formative work, from 2011 to 2013, and don’t skip over Supernatural just because it airs on the CW. It might have gone totally downhill after the 5th season and be possibly or accidentally a bit sexist, but it’s a little gem.

Ah, good good times. Thanks for everything, SPN. One day I’ll finish the show. If it ever goes off the air…


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