Webcomic Wednesday: Prague Race

This is the first installment of Webcomic Wednesday, an effort on my part to start an alliterative post series to help myself update more regularly. I’ll be posting some short reviews of my current favorite webcomic series whether anyone is interested or not, and probably posting some other webcomic-related bullshit as well.

Anyhoo, on with it.
The first comic I’d like to present to you is Prague Race by Petra Erika Nordlund.

The caption on the first page of Prague Race offers this helpful description:

“Prague Race is a comedy horror story, and it offers a softly satirical views of the fantasy genre. It might have some heavy imaginery, and it’s not suitable for minors or sensitive readers!”

So, Prague Race, in short, is a story about three friends, one of which is hungry for adventure and winds up inadvertently getting them all into a big mess of trouble. Leona, the ringleader, is living in a run down (abandoned?) apartment building with her (undead, maybe, although she doesn’t know it) cat, Gabriele.


One day she and her nervous friend Colin visit a weird-looking curio store where she buys a poster that infects her with an otherworldly unpatented crop harvester. This manifests itself as a bunch of creepy arms that burst out of her back on occasion and do helpful things–although it kills her a little each time. Their friend Miko, a mild but tough-looking fella rounds out the team.

Colin, Miko, and Leona

So, from the very beginning, I was impressed by how entertaining these three can be. In many instances, they behave as stock characters, but they are also portrayed in a way that is thoughtful and even complex. Unexpected things are constantly happening, and you just kind of roll with it and look forward to seeing what’s next. The story structure has involved a cold open and a flashback already. The fantasy world the team enters has a huge variety of fantasy races, and a seeming aristocracy, government/military bureaucracy, and (corporate? government?) paid trials for horrible new technologies.

Sela and Toska

In addition, there’s a big cast of side characters which I assume will continue to grow. So far, they’re all interesting and distinctive. Oh, and that includes a pet shark with legs called Fishsticks.

This comic is still in progress, which, for once I find really exciting because it means I’m not going to race to the end and get depressed when it’s over! It also updates with impressive regularity on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The style is gorgeous and consistent. And, it’s quite funny and creepy. Please check it out! I’m sure you’ll find it as charming as I do.

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